I am finally catching up! ~NEWS NEWS NEWS~

I hope every had a great Christmas!
WOOO! It has been crazy year! I think that everyone finally go their Cmas cards from us...if you didnt, or are not clients but want one anyway email me I will send you out one. I think I should have put a disclaimer on it saying that I look totally different when I show up to sessions I don't think anyone really recognized me :)

The fam and I had another great lil vacation in Idaho. Macie is such an outdoorsy girl she was up at 8 ready to go in the snow! Kase play the Wii for 8 yrs straight a day and I didn't have to go out and snowmobile...yeah :) We had a great time!

Coming back is always hard because I have to go mock 90 again to keep up with everything. Our photography class starts tonight and I am soo excited! I love teaching this class! If you missed signing up this time, we will be doing another one in June, so keep checking for the dates. Plus We will be redoing our website/blog after this class!!

I had wanted to spend more time this month revamping but there have been so many newborns born in the last little while I haven't quite finished it all. Pricing and policy changes wont take place until the end of the month! SO you can still prebook if you need to!

Here's sneak peak of my new brochure....
I think we might have found our studio. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

I will be doing our annual "Best of 2008" contest soon also.

Get ready to vote we are going to give out so really fun prices this year!!


Unknown said...

I love the first Picture! I'm glad you had a great vacation:) You desrve it. Best Wishes to you and your business in 2009. I can't wait to see your STUDIO! Yeah!!!

Stucki's said...

I'm so excited your using my baby girls picture!!! I'm so in love with this photo of her in the bonnet!! She is so photogenic don't you think? Your really are the BEST!!!:)

Heather said...

Oh My you have been so busy! Seriously I think you are wonder woman. You are awesome and your Christmas card were darling, and super unique. Way to go girl! Can't wait to see your studio!