Tiffany and James / Salt Lake Temple Wedding Photography

I get ask a lot if I do weddings and I always respond, yes BUT....

I shoot weddings under a couple restrictions. One I have to get along with the bride, groom and family. So before I book I have a consult. Make sure there aren't any bridzilla issues before we continue :) Two I only shoot at the most once a month. Weddings are hard, they are long days and I don't want to ever get burnt out shooting weddings. I want to feel the same passion every time I shoot this day because you don't get to repeat it, I take that very serious. I cry along with my brides, I get butterflies for the groom to see her for the first time...I love the romance of a wedding! So I might not post wedding after wedding on my blog, but I enjoy capturing these special moments for every couple who hires me to do so!

On to the awesome couple...These guys were so so great to work with. Tons of fun, and personality. I love that in a couple!

This was the funniest surprise to see when I pulled up pictures...thanks for that guys!

So in LOVE!!

 Great music!

 Great little kids!
One of the best daddy daughter dances I have captured. Honestly.

 Cake kiss.
 Her sweet niece, so shy and darling.

 A little extra help on the honeymoon lol

 How cool are they driving off on a motorcycle!!

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Amy said...

How fun was this! So I was browsing your blog because you took pictures of my niece Frankie and then I stumble onto this wedding shoot. I went to college with Tiffany! I had heard from her sister that she was getting married, but that was awhile ago and now I see this post! How fun and what a small world! Love your work!
Amy Davis